Twentieth Century Ballet

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Anderson’s book focuses on the growing popularization of Russian ballet, particularly Petipa’s contributions and successes. Gorsky and Fokine emerged and wanted to create new dances rather than rework Petipa’s old choreography. Diaghilev’s first seasons of the Ballets Russes emphasized Fokine’s ballets and impressed Western audiences. This book is useful in my section describing Gorsky and Fokine and their contributions to ballet’s modernization.

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This book talks about the classical era of ballet, particularly focusing on Marius Petipa and his work. Leach continues on to state that it wasn’t until the twentieth century that much choreography was done by Russian choreographers. He also introduces Mikhail Fokin and Alexander Gorsky and their work, as being significant in the formation of modern ballet. This book is useful because it describes in-depth the transitional period from classical to modern ballet.

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The applicable part of this book primarily focuses on Sergei Diaghilev and his desire for a revival of Russian art. In the mid-1890s, he organized art exhibits to bring modern European art to Russia and vice versa. Diaghilev formed the Ballets Russes in 1911, bringing together stars of the Russian Imperial Ballet. This book is useful in that it provides good background information about the Ballets Russes as well as explains Diaghilev’s motivations in forming the ballet. I will use this source to describe what the Ballets Russes were and their important themes.

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